I can’t wait for next weeks True Blood episode

I mean seriously do you see how freaking bad ass Eric, Pam, and Jessica look? Jessica is holding a rocket launcher. A FREAKING ROCKET LAUNCHER!!! I don’t care about Bill. I hate him. Jess can take that RL and shove it up is ass and pull the trigger for all I care. But the other 3. OMG….I have to wait another week. This sucks.


I love TrueBlood. I love the book series more then the actual show though. I think stupid freaking Alan Ball has ruined the storyline. Just ruined it. If he had just gone completely by the books this show would be so amazing it would be unbearable. What makes me even more irritated is the fact that Charlaine Harris is on the shows staff. How could she just let someone butcher her stuff like that? No way would I ever allow that to happen to something that I worked so hard to create. Ugh…..the frustration.